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Nest of Love rusty Pelican event for wom

NOL Advocate

Rebecca Sanon

I’ve heard of other “women’s” groups before & was skeptical, but Nest of Love is not just a group. It’s an organization truly built from the love of helping people (not just women) to be better and to find ways to better educate themselves. I can honestly say it has changed some things in me for the better, and I have met some really amazing people. I have attended 3 of the NOL brunches and I highly recommend every woman that can attend to do so.

Nest of Love graphic tshirt for girls

Nol Advocate

Valeria Mesa

Nest of Love is the BEST non-profit organization for women empowerment! It has changed my life in every aspect! I love that i have the opportunity to follow my dream career and at the same time help the community.

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Nol Advocate

Tabatha Ruiz

Such a beautiful & positive organization to be apart of!

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 1.37.55 PM.png

NOL Advocate

Ariana Alfonso

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Samantha for the Self Love Brunch. Samantha did an amazing job with a short turnaround. The venue was beautiful, the music was great, people were enjoying themselves. In the short period that I worked with her I got to see that she genuinely wants to empower other women.


Nol Advocate

Stephanie Sanon

Nestoflove is an amazing community. They promote women empowerment, leadership, and spiritual guidance. Every event that I have gone to has brought an impact in my life every time in different ways

Nest of love womens empowerment event

Nol Advocate

Rosa Ro Argota

I am so blessed and honored to have the Nest of Love in my life. You’re not to young or to old to be a part of the Nest. They are committed to lead women, young and old to become leaders.

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