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Meet the Team


Hey Nesties, My name is Samantha Gil, Founder, and President of Nest of Love.


I believe in “We Change Our Women, We Change Our World.” I am a proud sister of 4, me being the oldest and having the responsibility of being a role model to my younger sisters.


My mom had me when she was just 17 years old and was a single-mother while my father was also a 19-year-old teen. While both parents were still trying to figure out their lives, I was mainly being raised by my grandmother whom I lost to Gallbladder and Colon Cancer.


I founded Nest of Love in September 2018 once I started to seek my purpose. As I was working as a finance manager at Mercedes-Benz, all my friends would come to me for guidance. I felt God has called upon me to be a Leader.


I knew I had a gift of empowering girls and women through self-development, investment opportunities, saving, budgeting, and becoming the leaders I felt they are all destined to be.


I created Nest of Love because I always wanted someone to believe in me. I find so many women and girls who are not supported yet are seeking leadership. Through NOL, we will be able to impact and change the lives of so many.


By helping a woman, we are able to impact their life, careers, and family.

-Sam G




As the driving force behind Nest of Love, I built this foundation on a simple yet transformative belief: everyone deserves someone to believe in their dreams. In a world where countless women lack the support they crave, I felt compelled to act. Moving away from a career in finance at Mercedes-Benz, I found my true calling in empowering women to lead, not just in select phases, but throughout the entirety of their lives. 



Board Vice President

With a rich entrepreneurial background spanning 25 years, I bring a fusion of creativity and business acumen to our organization. As a single mom, healer, and mentor, my passion is amplifying the voices of those in need. Guiding individuals to discover their passions has been my greatest gift, rooted in the understanding gained from diverse ventures. I recognize the profound impact of support, and I am dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives we touch.



Wellness Program Director

After a transformative experience awakened me to spirituality's power, I knew my calling was to guide others. With diverse roles over 20+ years, from salons to legal offices, I stand out as a certified Yoga teacher, Reiki Master and LGBTQ+ advocate. I merge these aspects to empower women, spiritually and professionally. Your dreams are more than wishes; they validate your endless potential. 



Board Treasurer

With nearly two decades in Fortune 500 companies, I have honed my skills in business strategy and led teams to corporate acquisitions. Yet, my influence isn't just confined to the boardroom. I leverage my engineering degree to mentor women in business, life, success, and STEM fields. Drawing on a wellspring of corporate and technical expertise, I tailor my guidance to make your success not just a possibility, but a guarantee.



Marketing & Advertising

Through Nest of Love i was able to start as an intern for Marketing & Advertising and now, at only 26 Years old, I am the Marketing & Advertising Director for this incredible Non-Profit Organization. Art and psychology have always been my passion, which is why through advertising I am able to combine both skills and teach our community the basics they need for Self - development, Design, seek their ideal clients and be able to uplift their dream business to the next level.

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I'm a videographer/photographer based in Miami and I'm ready to capture your most special unforgettable moments. Now you know a little more about whose behind the camera

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