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Meet the Team


Hey Nesties, My name is Samantha Gil, Founder, and President of Nest of Love.


I believe in “We Change Our Women, We Change Our World.” I am a proud sister of 4, me being the oldest and having the responsibility of being a role model to my younger sisters.


My mom had me when she was just 17 years old and was a single-mother while my father was also a 19-year-old teen. While both parents were still trying to figure out their lives, I was mainly being raised by my grandmother whom I lost to Gallbladder and Colon Cancer.


I founded Nest of Love in September 2018 once I started to seek my purpose. As I was working as a finance manager at Mercedes-Benz, all my friends would come to me for guidance. I felt God has called upon me to be a Leader.


I knew I had a gift of empowering girls and women through self-development, investment opportunities, saving, budgeting, and becoming the leaders I felt they are all destined to be.


I created Nest of Love because I always wanted someone to believe in me. I find so many women and girls who are not supported yet are seeking leadership. Through NOL, we will be able to impact and change the lives of so many.


By helping a woman, we are able to impact their life, careers, and family.

-Sam G

Samantha Gil 

Why We're Great >


My name is Samantha Gil, Founder and President of Nest of Love. I created this Foundation because when I had a vision and a dream, I wanted someone to believe in me. I find so many women who are not supported yet seeking leadership, so I created Nest of Love. Being a Finance Manager was not fulfilling my purpose, I need to empower women to become leaders at All Stages of Their Lives.

Valeria Mesa 
Advertising & Marketing 

Why We're Great >


Nest of love's Marketing and Advertising 

Hello Nesties, My name is Valeria Mesa. Through Nest of Love i was able to start as an

intern for Marketing & Advertising and now, at only 23 Years old, I am the Marketing & Advertising Director for this incredible Non-Profit Organization.


It is a privilege to be able to follow my passion and work in the area of expertise that I love, and at the same time be able to help women and girls in the community that need our constant support. 


Art and psychology have always been my passion, which is why through advertising I am able to combine both skills and teach our community the basics they need for Self - development, Design, seek their ideal clients and be able to uplift their dream business to the next level.


I believe “Family is where life begins and love never ends”. A couple of years ago, both my parents got very sick, which is why family is the most important thing to me. I am also proud to say Nest of love has become my family. Being able to grow with a community of women supporting each other is a blessing i wish we could all share.

-Vale Mesa 

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